Solar Panels & Regulators

Caravan Solar Panels & Regulators

Whether you’re planning a trip to the Outback or just wanting to ‘get off the grid’ locally to enjoy your favourite holiday destination outside the realms of a caravan park, a solar power system for your caravan or motorhome can provide freedom and cost savings.

We only use and recommend warranted Australian standard monocrystalline solar panels. We can install 100w up to 250w solar panels depending on the 12volt usage you may require.

Solar panel regulators are placed between the solar panel and deep cycle battery to regulate the flow of power and prevent overcharging. Regulators vary from 20amp upwards and include PWM (pulse width modulation) regulators or MPPT (maximum power point tracking) regulators. We can discuss these and other variables to customise a solution to your specific needs.

Our tailored installation system using aluminium roof rails (provided where needed) means that we do not screw panels into your caravan or motorhome roof, removing any chance of water leaks or damage to cables that may be inside the roof cavity.

Solar panels & regulators can be a complex issue, we can remove the guess work and help make sense of it all for you so contact us to discuss your needs today!

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Solar Panels & Regulators