Rear View Cameras

Rear View Camera Services:

The addition of a rear view camera to your vehicle and/or caravan is an important safety benefit in any driving conditions.

A camera on the rear of your tow vehicle can be positioned to monitor your vehicles tow hitch whilst towing your caravan, boat or trailer giving you confidence and peace of mind that whatever you are towing is secured at all times.

A camera mounted to the rear of your caravan provides clear vision of the traffic behind you when driving or when reversing your caravan into position at home or at your holiday destination.

Many modern rear view camera units now come complete with a microphone providing an additional layer of safety allowing you to hear any sounds or voices in the immediate area behind your caravan. This is especially handy when reversing and can allow you to hear reversing instructions being called out by someone at the rear of your vehicle – even if you have your window up!

J&S Vans can supply and install a reverse camera to your car, four wheel drive, SUV, motorhome or caravan and we are a stockist and recommended installer of the market leading Safety Dave rear vision systems and products for the Gold Coast & Tweed Coast.