Anderson Plugs


Anderson Plugs

The use of Anderson Plugs play a huge part in the caravan traveller in assisting the tow vehicle in charging the batteries of the caravan allowing fridges to run on 12 volts. Anderson plugs aid in keeping the caravan batteries topped up with charge when travelling from point A to point B.

At J&S Vans we only use top quality Australian made REDARC isolators & DC-DC chargers which have been manufactured to suit our harsh environment. We also use top quality thick 6 B&S (13.7mm2) cable, this size cable allows for ZERO VOLTAGE DROP between the tow vehicles Anderson Plug System & the Caravan Anderson Plug system.

Isolators & DC-DC Chargers

Isolators are used in Anderson Plug systems ensuring protection to the tow vehicles start battery from being drained. This protection allows the start battery of the tow vehicle to always have enough voltage to start the vehicle. This ensures you are never left with a flat battery.

DC-DC chargers are used in junction with the Anderson Plug system when the tow vehicle has a variable voltage alternator / smart alternator. The DC-DC charger combats the variable voltage alternators power output ensuring optimum charge to the caravans battery system. In theory all caravans should be fitted with a DC-DC charger for this optimum charging reason. The REDARC DC-DC chargers we use have an isolator inbuilt to the unit always protecting the start vehicles battery.

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Anderson Plugs